This is a full-ass workshop lol (Not a webinar)


Which means bring your snacks, bring your notebook, some colourful pens, bring your brilliant self and come hang out while we break down these concepts in depth (and yes! there will be a replay!)


The most confident person isn't the loudest voice or with the flashiest results. It's going to bed at night saying 'no matter what, I'm good with me'. 


This workshop will focus on dismantling the lies of "fake it til you make it" and "quick fix confidence" hacks and centre the concept of building confidence as a muscle that holds the weight of our human experience (and doesn't crumble when human things happen).


Which means your confidence is rooted in knowing who you are & knowing your shit, instead of how you are perceived or what is expected of you. 

Sneak peak:

This workshop will focus on:
  • Questioning the 'keys to confidence' we've been sold through the media. 
  • Understanding our own unique confidence muscle and how we need to work with it while taking into account our OWN unique lived experience.
  • How environmental, societal and systemic influences can alter how we feel about 'confidence'. 
  • Understanding what confidence is and is NOT (hint hint - it has nothing to do with altering who you are and everything to do with discovering what makes you who you are).
  • What it means to be unapologetic while also not being an a-hole #consent #capacity #ownership.
and so much more...     

Please note FAQ listed below to ensure you have informed consent with your purchase. 



This will be a one time paid workshop for the  price of $25

(To be transparent this workshop is normally valued in company settings at $450 so come ready to learn in an education based environment with a Q&A sprinkled throughout)

I value integrity with my work and I value giving you a fully supported experience which means that we can only cover so much custom content in a workshop container because of this I will be sharing additional resources to further this work with me, but this workshop is NOT going to be a sales pitch. It's a workshop.


 This workshop will not be capped at capacity, although if I feel that the amount of participants enrolling may inhibit my ability to facilitate this space to my best ability, I reserve the right to cap this workshop. I will always be transparent about the process and offer alternatives.

This workshop is $25 and there is no expectation for you to continue this work with me at all! 

By purchasing you will be consenting to being a part of his space as well as the terms and conditions of my paid workshops. 


In depth look at the details! 



Is this a webinar? Will I be sold to on it?!

This is a full ass workshop lol. Which means we are covering concepts of Sustainable Confidence in depth .  This work will be nuanced and may be different for person to person, because of that I will be offering additional support to work on these concepts in a more personalized space on the call. This is simply an option and there will be no expectation to continue our work together. I will always distinguish between education and providing resources so please note you will never be 'hard sold without consent' - that is not my vibe. 


How long will the call be? 

Buffer about 2 hours for this call but please feel free to pop in and out as needed, or leave early if you have to. If you know you need to arrive late please let me (Dani) know by emailing me [email protected] so I can keep an eye out for you! Yes there will be a replay.


Will There be a replay? 

Yes this is a replay for everyone involved with no expiration (as technology allows).** Please note the Q&A WAS NOT BE RECORDED to ensure privacy for the members involved **


What are the expectations on the workshop? 

Feel free to bring snacks, coffee, go to the bathroom (please mute yourself and camera off lol) and snuggle pets or children as needed. This will be an education based workshop with conversation sprinkled in. Be ready to learn new info and participate in a collaborative space as your capacity allows. There will be additional support discussed so please note there will be both paid and unpaid options for continued support if there are more questions that arise. 



My intention is to have auto-generated captions on the call. The replay will also have captions through youtube and you will be able to adjust the speed of the replay. If I choose to do a presentation style (as in powerpoint) I will include that as well in a follow up email for you to keep and refer back to. Please note that technology happens and this will be my first time using closed captions so compassion would be appreciated in the case we have to fiddle with it lol.




Please note that all content in this workshop is meant for entertainment and educational purposes. All opinions are my own while being backed with my unique skillset and knowledge base. This work is not intended to replace any kind of mental health advice from qualified health professionals. I am not a therapist and do not claim to be. Especially when dealing with confidence there is a possibility to trigger or cause unintentional harm. If this happens please do your best to take care of yourself and do what you need to keep yourself safe. I will be implement boundaries to take care of myself as the facilitator as well as workshop attendees. If harm does occur please reach out to the facilitator (Dani) [email protected] so repair can begin to be made. 




"I'm not everyone's cup of tea, but who the hell cares because I drink coffee"

-Dani Driusso